About Me

Krusha Patel is a published author, featured in Fox News and many more. Her expertise as an accountancy and business professional have helped countless people to expand their business and grow and expand. She is able to help many people as a multiple business owner, and has expanded within the construction industry. 

She's also an international speaking, having spoken in London and Europe about her published works. She's incorporated both her passion for personal development and mental health into empowering many women to reach and move into male dominated industries such as construction. 

Her wide network has enabled her to meet with many powerful and emerging businessmen and royalty such as Vincent Wong, John Lee, Darren Winters, Armand Morin, Vince Tan and Prince Charles.


Coaching Reviews

Young Man
Rizwan Anwer

" I had a free consultation and straight away I could tell that Krusha was professional and friendly. I had some problems finding motivation to get things done. Krusha really has helped with a personalised plan of action and one to ones sessions"

Bearded Businessman
Divyesh Varsani

" I was having some difficulties in my relationship with my wife, after we had a tough period, my only son was diagnosed with leukaemia. Krusha really helped me to find and see that I was not the only person in pain, so was my wife, and we had different ways of dealing with things. I can't thank you enough krusha! "

Smiling Woman
Richa Chandra

"Krusha has really helped me out in being able to prioritise what matters to me the most. I used to get so overwhelmed with taking in so much, and worrying about my finances. She's so good at being my personal cheer leader, and holding me accountable. "



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