Published Books

INFJ: How to be Happy, Feeling Misunderstood 

A journey of self discovery and change, to better understand why you feel misunderstood. How to understand behaviours and reactions of yourself and others and how to better manage situations and thoughts. Looking into relationships, careers and interactions between people as well as coping mechanisms for mental illnesses gained through self awareness. “Many of us wonder what we actually want in life. Maybe better relationship experiences and communication? To better manage emotions and how we feel? We want to stop living a life that someone else has created for us, and start living a life by our own choices. I have tried to give answers to these and more in my new book,” says Krusha Patel. Among other things, ‘INFJ’ addresses issues such as why the INFJ personalities, which comprise only 1% of the world’s population, often feel misunderstood by others. The book addresses mental health illnesses and shares mechanisms to provide some help when access to professional help is not available.

Lady Leader

Have you ever wanted to achieve more in your life? Have you wanted to progress more in your career? Have you ever wanted to take charge in a male dominated industry? Lady Leader can show you how you how to take charge in your career and dominate not only their businesses but also other aspects of your life as well. What is stopping you from achieving your potential? Women especially feel insure about the way they look, about asking for a raise, about asking to be considered for progression. Here is a look to help you to get to where you want to be.


The Journey of Love

Viewing the misconceptions about love, demands, expectations proving your worth and proving your emotions. Touching upon self care and the importance of loving yourself. 


Staying Happy 

Helping you to stay Happy and positive during trialling times! You don't need to go through things alone, there is always a community that can help you. I'm giving away this for free, as I know right now people are struggling financially with the pandemic, and hopefully this can provide some helpful tips!

Free E-books

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Be Mindful

Practising the art of being present with every interaction and conversation you make. The beauty of feeling the moment now and how overthinking can stop progress. 


30 Ways to Motivation

A guide for aspiring authors and writers to keep motivated during the writing process. 


How to make money selling online courses

Learn how to make money selling what you know. How to package and sell your intellectual property for others to learn and fast track their skills and earning potential.