Take your personal growth and goals to the next level

Focusing on your goals to reach a higher level of success, but we don't need to be completely results and goal driven.

Have you ever felt as though time slips away. Some of my clients says that they experience year of being on auto pilot then to one day wake up and reflect on what they wanted to achieve out of life and where they are now. Many question their dreams and goals and why they have not been achieved. A recent person I spoke to mentioned the below:

" I'm 50 years old, with a family and have just declared bankruptcy, I have nothing to my name, what have I been doing "

On our long stretch and journey to find ourselves, when we have families we tend to make a lot more sacrifices. Children become more of a priority than your own #dreams.

Although most people say that setting goals are relevant they do help to keep us on track. Almost 90% of people don't write down their goals and only 2-3% of the 90% actually look at them daily.

Most don't realise that #consistency is the key to making things work. No matter how small the time or effort, it's better than doing 0% of what you want.

-Writing what you want to achieve

- Looking at it everyday

- Scheduling in time to progress

- Looking at the progress you make over a year

Compounding concept

Interestingly a book I read recently came up with a good concept. The compounding concept of achieving your #goals. Take the example of writing a book, most people would like to write one and many are just interesting in writing one but are not committed to actually following through.

If someone commits to writing 250 words a day, over the course of a month that is 7,500 words, over the course of 6 months that is 45,000 words (or about 180 page book), that is taking into account weekends.

Now we all know it's not always possible to write something everyday. You will experience writers block, other times you will have family and friends events. However if we write down a goal, set aside some time everyday even if it's 10 minutes to 1 hour. Over 6 months to a year we may actually achieve what you set out to do.

The effort made on a daily basis, is compounded. The results show far greater even with small incremental steps in comparison to someone who's done nothing at all.

Thought of the day

What do you want to achieve in the next 12 months? ..........................................................

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