The secrets of achieving more

Wouldn't it be amazing if we had one line that would give you clarity on how you feel about your goals? That can tell if you are motivated or not?

Mysterious people, things and secrets always allure us in

So many times I've heard of entrepreneurs and business men making mistakes, moving from one business venture to another. What stops them from being successful? What motivates them to continue the path down the road of discovery?

A attended a webinar recently hosted by the creators of #NeuroGym that this one line really helped me to gain a sense of clarity, over the choices that I make, the decision that I make and the longevity of how long I keep those options going.

Now I've been called a hustler and a grater, moving from one business venture / side hustle to another, almost never having enough time for relax or wind down for myself. Once I heard this one thing it put everything into perspective.

" With the goals you have, are you interested or committed to achieve them?"

The difference in the two varies greatly. For example if you are interested in achieving something you may have big ideas towards creating something big, however it doesn't mean that you are looking to achieve this 100%. You will be content with the idea of being able to achieve this and not actually taking action to make it happen. An example being someone who states, " I would like to be a published author one day." The intent to create and achieve something is there, but the motivation behind it being manifested is not.

Being Committed

A person who is committed to achieving their goals, is taking action towards them all the time, not matter how small. You can usually tell when someone talks about that they want to achieve, they may sound something like this, " I am going to be a published author," or " I am going to write a book." More often is not a question if they would be interested they have the intent to create and the will and motivation behind it.

There is an underlying purpose or mission these individuals have to drive them forward into creating and empowering theirs goals. I know I was like that in publishing my first book in 2019. I had dreamt of writing a book since I was 12 I actually started doing it, until my computer wiped the 237 pages I had written. Later going through life, I went through several mental health issues, to the point where I was suicidal. I kept looking for help online, the NHS was a 6 month wait and I ended up calling several charities including #smaritans just to speak to someone about how I felt. I never wanted anyone else to feel the same way, and that was the motivation for me to write my book detailing everything I had been through and how I dealt with it, to let others know that they were not alone. My motivation was there and my commitment to having my knowledge and story shared. In the process of writing I spend my work lunch hours either tucked away writing or writing in my car to make it all happen. Even when I didn't have time working from 6.30am to 11pm I made the time. This is what makes the difference between committed and interested.

I am proud to be a published owner now, and so are my family.

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Please note: If you do know anyone going through mental health issues please do refer them to charities such as Mind, Samaritans and their GP.

Thought of the day

What are you currently committed to achieve? ..........................................................

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